Affordable Web Design and Desktop Publishing Services. Utilizing your ideas, the design of your site will be created to best represent the look and feel of your company, talents, hobbies, products or personality. I will design according to your preferred colors, theme, and layout. If you do not know what you want specifically, I will design a variety of sampled layouts from which you can pick and choose according to your preference. I can create or provide graphics, or you can submit your own artwork/logos. Whether you want only a simple one-page website, or multiple pages, I am willing to work with you to design the website you are satisfied with. I prefer to purchase your domain and offer you a very affordable hosting package, or I can work from existing pre-owned domains. Please e-mail or call me for more information. Formerly residing in Riverside, Calif., now Port Charlotte, Florida, but able to work with you through digital sources if you live out of the area.

Services include:

Website Design, Web Maintainence, Web Hosting, Video Slideshows, Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing including: Business Logos, Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters, Invitations, Holiday and Greeting Cards, Announcements, Posters, Business Cards, Stationery Packets and more...

To view samples of my DESKTOP PUBLISHING work, please click here

To see websites I have created, please click on links below (most of these websites are revised and updated regularly, please keep checking back to see changes. In addition, some are incomplete due to awaiting more info from clients). PLEASE NOTE: Most of my older websites were designed on large screen PC a few years ago, and are now being re-designed to be "mobile-friendly."

Coming Soon - more new websites: keep checking back!

Idol Chat TV: Founder Roger Neal produces a weekly lifestyle show that will offer viewers a chance to hitch a ride down memory lane for interviews with their favorite iconic stars and casts from Classic TV Shows, Movies and Bands from the 50’s thru the 90’s, such as Leave it to Beaver, Happy Days, Brady Bunch, Back to the Future, ET, Knots Landing, Sid & Marty Children's Productions, and many more. This new TV Show hosted by Susan Anton, will be airing on RETRO TV & FAMILY TV weekly.

Neal Entertainment: Founder Roger Neal and Neal Public Relations is an Award winning PR firm handling and coordinating publicity, promotions and marketing in all areas of the entertainment industry.

Terry's Tails n Trotters: Custom Horse Tail Extensions for your horses, Custom Carousel Horse Tail Extensions, Piggy Cover-Up Jackets for All kinds of Weather and Special Ocassions/Holidays such as Christmas, Harnesses & leashes, and other horse and pig products. All sales support our Potbellied Pig Sanctuary (over 40 pigs).

Northwest Miniature Pig Association: (Potbellied Pig Association in Oregon) and

Roger Neal's Style Hollywood: (PR for Celebrities and Stars, hosts an Annual Hollywood Oscar Gifting Suite and Oscar Viewing Dinner for Celebrities, Academy Awards Nominees and Winners). This site updated for each year's Oscars.

Florida and California Southern Gospel Concerts: (Southern California Southern Gospel Concert Listings) Constantly being updated.

Robert and Jackie Malone: (Worship, Praise and Southern Gospel singers)

Miss Lillie: (Miss Lillie Knauls, Nationally-known Gospel Singer/Speaker, featured on many Gaither Videos, affectionately known as "The Hat Lady")

SCAMPP: (Potbellied Pig Club, informational articles and adoptions available) and

Hallelujah Highway Gospel Radio: (Inspirational Internet Radio Station)

The Regents Ministries: (Southerm/Country Gospel Group - recently redesigned this very old website created by someone else)

Pig Pal Potbellied Pig Hoof Trimming: (Potbellied Pig hoof trimming services) (recently redesigned)

JP Jackson Pianos: (High-quality pianos for sale/piano tuning services)

International Central Gospel Church: (Church in Palmdale, CA) (recently redesigned)

Happy Trails Goat Farm: (Goat Care Information, Purebred Registered Pygmy goats for sale)

The Tradesmen: (Southern Gospel Group)

Mick McMains: (Instrumentalist, Recording Artist, and Film Actor)

Caring for the Hills: (Non-Profit food distribution organization)

Roger Neal: (Roger Neal Jr - a young music artist poised to take the music industry by storm)

Neal Family Ministries: (Gospel Music Ministries)

Jomax Ranch and Museum: (dinosaur information and museum)

Neal Public Relations: (Publicity, promotions and marketing in all areas of the entertainment industry)

Lynn Neal: (Hollywood/Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent)

Cuddly Critters Inc.: (Non-Profit Potbellied Pig Sanctuary)

Valentines Performing Pigs: (Info and tribute to the best traveling potbellied pig show performers ever!)

Sandon Shangrila: (Animal Sanctuary - awaiting for more info from client)

O My Gawd Pastry Chips: (Home baked pastry chips - many flavors available)

Always working on new sites - new links will be posted as soon as they are ready.

Here are some other websites I have created. The following websites have been canceled (due to going out of business or otherwise), but I still have the files if you wish to see them:

Buddy Travis (Minister and Gospel Singer, Client passed away)
Sharon and Perez
(Wedding Website, Temporary wedding announcement website)
Rick Donkor Cutting Edge Ministries International
(Pastor and Author)-website taken over by another company)
Hallelujah Gospel Events (The various ministries of Bishop Leroy Lacey; client passed away)
Born Again Quartet
(Southern Gospel Quartet - group disbanded due to health reasons)
The Lighthouse Fellowship Church (Church taken over by another church & denomination, their design team)
Stick It 2Me
(Jelly sticky mats for I-Pads, cell phones, etc for use in vehicles, etc. - Client no longer in business)
Celebrity Custom Songs
(Custom written songs & music for special occasions) - Client no longer in business)
Bling 'n Things 4U
(Blingy Jewelry, Hand-sewn Apparel - client no longer selling these products)
Jackson's Piano Service and Music Productions (John Paul Jackson; internationally-known singer, multi-musician, composer, choral director, recording studio, piano tuning and piano repair, used pianos for sale)
Neal Entertainment
(A star-studded Hollywood New Year's TV special) - created for New Year's Eve 2014/2015)
The Piggy Pen
(Vacation Boarding for pet pigs - client no longer able to run this business)
Golden State Quartet
(Southern Gospel Group disbanded)
Gil Ramirez Jr. Ministries
(Southern Gospel Soloist, client no longer singing solo, sings with a group now)
(Court-Certified Anger Management and Domestic Violence Program -
website re-designed by family member)
Johnson Family Quartet
(Quartet disbanded)
EWI Castings (temporarily offline, awaiting re-design)
Patterson Signs (website re-designed by client)
Pure Word Ministry (client didn't renew hosting, no response for several years)
Louie's Chicken and Fish Grill Restaurant (owner passed away, new owner taking over all business)
L-Khan: Solar Panels and LED Lighting Devices
(client no longer in business)
MK Kreations: Children's Books and Apparrel
(client no longer in business)
Lou Alfonso Public Servant (Chino Hills, Calif, 2014 City Council Candidate)
Greer Family Singers
(Gospel Singing Group - Group no longer singing together)
German Haus Gifts
(German Pewter Beer Steins, Decanters, etc,- client no longer selling these products)
Coy Chiropractic Institute
(Chiropractic Services - website re-designed by co-worker)
Happy Trails Petting Zoo
(Client no longer running this business)
Sheet Music World
(Hard to find sheet music - client no longer selling these products)
(Potbellied Pigs for Adoption - client no longer in business)
Easy Cornice Kits 4 U
(Home Decor Projects - client no longer sells this product)
Veterans Center for the Creative Arts, Inc
(providing Creative Arts for Veterans - organization no longer active)
Doing My Part 4 Earth
(Refillable Filtered Water Bottles - client no longer sells this product)
Happy Camper 4 U
(RV Holding Tank Treatment - client no longer sells this product)
(Southern Gospel Trio - group disbanded due to relocation of members)
Jericho Quartet (Southern Gospel Quartet - group disbanded due to death/illness of members)
(Soft-Bodied Pest Killer, 100% organic & non-toxic - client no longer sells this product)
Wild Kingdom Fun
(Sunday School Class photos - will possibly re-create at a later date)
Mike Manning
(Minister and Gospel Singer)
STOX Restaurant Bakery & Bar (The oldest restaurant in Downey, CA - this website was taken over and redesigned by another designer closer to site)
La Casa De Mis Suenous (Real Estate - I designed this site completely in SPANISH - client no longer in business)
OC2 Concrete & Construction (Concrete and Masonry Work - client out of buisness)
No Sew Cornice Kits (Home Decor Products - client no longer selling this product)
Faith Shopping TV (Home Shopping TV show - program discontinued)
Emergency Preparedness Records Organizer (Records Organizing Book - client no longer selling this product)
Team Xcel Tigers (Basketball Team Training/Coaching)
Xcel Sports Training (Sports Training)
Xcel Hoops (Basketball Tournaments)
Christian Concert Association (Booking Agent for Christian Concerts & Pulpit Speakers - client passed away)
Frank and Sons Tractor Service (Tractor services - client no longer doing this business)
Little Orphan Hammies
(Potbellied Pig Sanctuary - this website was taken over and redesigned by another designer donating time to the Sanctuary)
ProNetworkers of Downey, Calif (a professional organization of men and women dedicated to growing their business by the exchange of referrals - ownership of this website was transferred to a member of their organization)
Southern Journeymen (Southern Gospel Quartet - group disbanded)
Jean Lengwin (Author - client took over website)
Sandy's Pigs (my friend's potbellied pigs - working on re-creating this site)
(my potbellied pig - working on re-creating this site)
Dora (my potbellied pig - working on re-creating this site)
Wilbur (my potbellied pig - working on re-creating this site)
A Tribute to My Mother (in memory of my mother - working on re-creating this site)

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